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Learn about Brandi, A Cut Ahead's very own Esthetician, Skin Script and more about the services we offer.

Meet Brandi, your Esthetician

Most people do not know what an esthetician is and they have an even harder time saying it. Well, I am here to help make it simple.  Hi! My name is Brandi Spoonemore and I am excited to be your local skin therapist and expert on all things skin! Just to keep things clear, no, I am not a doctor or dermatologist. What I do is keep your skin in great condition day to day. Dermatologists help you in skin cancer crisis type situations.  We work together as a professional team! I've been in the skincare business for a while now, receiving my education in California and holding current licenses in Arizona and Colorado.  No one person has the same skin care needs and I take great pride in offering many solutions of professional skin treatments, including but not limited to: High Frequency Pore Refining, Galvanize, Face Lifting, Microcare, Deep Poor Extraction, LED Light Therapy, Enzyme Exfoliation, Lymphatic Facial Massage, Dermaplanning, and best of all, Stress Relief.

Skin Care can be very confusing.  If you're looking for some help sifting through the good, bad, ugly and overload of information about your skin and what it needs, then book a complementary skin analysis with me and let's do it together! See you soon!

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All About Skin Script

Lisa VanBockern, an AZ Aesthetician with a primary focus on medical esthetics, decided It was time to create a product line that matches modern day skin care.  Skin Script was founded in 2007 in Tempe, AZ and created by two physicians and five estheticians. 

The main goal and purpose was to create a chirally correct* all natural and cruelty free product line that gets real results.  Skin Script is completely customizable to fit any skin type, conditions, and ethnicity.  All products are paraben free and manufactured in the USA.  Skin Scripts philosophy is based on the idea of progressive treatments rather than aggressive treatments, which is why these high quality products are gentle, but effective.

* Chirally correct means the molecules in the product match the molecules of the skin resulting in less irritation and better penetration for all ethnicities.